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In this Billing & Payments Policy, the words we, our and us are with reference to Leather Expressions.

Bank Transfer

This payment method is convenient for those who do not have an online account and they want to make their payment through their bank account. Once the genuine leather items has been selected along with the quantity, please follow the procedure given below:

a)Send the codes of your selected genuine leather items along with the required quantity to our email address "info@leather-expressions.com" for generation of the invoice.

b)On receiving the invoice and confirmation from "Leather Expressions" for production and availability of the goods, transfer the amount mentioned in the invoice to the bank account of "Leather Expressions".

c)On transferring the payment to Leather Expressions, send the necessary information to our email address "info@leather-expressions.com" for order confirmation. Banking practices foresee that the transfer you make will be credited to the account of the beneficiary "Leather Expressions" no earlier than 3-5 working days after the transfer order is complete. Your order will only be processed when we receive the physical payment in our bank account.

d)To accelerate the order preparation and consignment procedures, once the payment has been made, please send a copy of transfer receipt to us via email "info@leather-expressions.com".

Credit Cards or Paypal

In order to use this payment method you must have a credit card/Debit Card issued by visa, master card, American Express, Diner, JCB, Discover or have a paypal account. Once the order has been finalized by you, please follow the instructions given below: Send an email to "Leather Expressions" at "info@leather-expressions.com" to check the availability of the products only in case of urgency as it may take 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Once you receive the confirmation then you can proceed for instant payment using our secure card processing system.

If the order is cancelled immediately before it has been processed or if Leather Expressions does not accept the order, the relative amount will be refunded to your card account.The refund time for these payment methods depends entirely on the banking system time frames.Once the refund has been made, Leather Expressions is under no circumstances liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by refund delays which depends on banking system procedures.

Leather Expressions reserves the right to request additional information from the customer e.g: landline phone number to determine the actual ownership of the Card account. In the absence of required documents, leather expressions reserves the right to refuse the order.

During the purchase procedure, Leather Expressions is never able to gain access to information on the buyers credit card/Debit Card.Leather Expressions can never therefore be held responsible for any fraudulent use of the said cards by other third parties during the payment for products purchased on the Leather Expressions website.